2 x RIUS DIANA for tapes & rolling M-8

Dear Sir,


We have pleasure to offer you set of machines for production of rigid tapes (subject to prior sale).


2 pcs RIUS Crochet knitting machine for rigid tapes, model DIANA B3-15 603

- year 2017, gauge E15, w.width 600 mm

- 3 pattern bars, electronically controlled, lateral take off system

- current production: 16 tapes of 25 mm, 75m/h, total: 1.500 m/h each machine

Each machine with creel for 378 bobbins, pitch 250 mm.

1 pc Automatic machine for rolling and measuring tapes, type M-8.

Max. roll dia. 200 mm, Max. tape width 50 mm. More technical details on request.


Status: running, machines are in very good technical condition

Location: Central Europe (Schengen).

Delivery: immediately. Inspection possible at any time.

Price on request.

Enclosed some pictures.